FishLung™ Frequently Asked Questions
FishLung™ Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FishLung Usage Questions

What is the O2 purity level?

Approximately 50%.

What is the flow rate?

We average 0.30 liters per minute.

What is the normal PPM in lake water?

Depending on the time of day, lake water can range from 6 PPM to 9 PPM. Early morning
readings are usually lower, while splashing, wave activity, and proximity to
vegetation can cause higher readings.

What PPM can we expect with FishLung?

FishLung will typically raise the PPM in your livewell by 6 to 10 PPM over a 2-hour period, depending on water temperature.

Do I still have to use my normal livewell system?

Yes, FishLung is designed to work alongside your existing livewell system. However, FishLung can provide enough oxygen on its own to keep a full livewell of bass healthy all day, even if your livewell pumps fail.

Do I still have to use ice?

No. Oxygen is key to life for fish. Cooling the water only slows the fish's metabolism and the oxygen molecules in the water, but it doesn't add oxygen. Too much temperature difference between your livewell water and the lake water can harm your fish when you release them. Keeping the temperature similar and providing plenty of oxygen is best.

Do I still use popular livewell chemicals?

It's not required, but it's also not discouraged. It's a personal choice.

What do I do if I injure a fish?

If a fish is gill, tongue, or throat hooked and bleeding, you should still care for it as you normally would. While FishLung provides elevated oxygen levels, which helps, it's not a hospital, so treat the injury properly.

Do I still have to fizz a deep-water fish?


What if a fish dies in the livewell?

When a fish dies in the livewell, it releases waste that unbalances the pH levels, creating an unhealthy environment for the other fish. Remove the dead fish, pump out the water, and replace it with fresh water. If the lake water and livewell water temperatures differ significantly, do this gradually to avoid shocking the remaining fish. Keep your FishLung and livewell pumps running to re-oxygenate the livewell quickly.

How long is the warranty?

One Year

What should be my normal tournament day routine with FishLung?

Fill your livewell after launching your boat and turn on your FishLung immediately. This ensures your catch will have elevated oxygen levels as soon as they enter the livewell.

How often do I need to change the canisters?

If you fish a one-day tournament every weekend, change the canisters every 6 months.

How often do I need to change the moisture filter?

Change the moisture filter at the same time as the canisters.

What happens if I go too long between changing these components?

Like anything that requires routine maintenance, if you ignore it, the performance will suffer. It will still work, just not as well as it should.

How long does it take to install?

Three hours max, even if you need to move batteries to make room.

Can it be removed and installed in another boat?

Yes, everything except the stone mounting post (which is glued in) can be removed and placed in another boat. In this case, contact us and we will send you another post.

Can a fish be over-oxygenated?

Yes, but not during a typical tournament day.

What is the noise level?

FishLung measures 67 dB at 12 inches, which is similar to the noise level of your standard livewell pumps running and splashing at the same distance.

How long does it take for the PPM to start dropping?

Elevated PPM from FishLung is different from a typical livewell. Livewells stir water and spray it on the surface, creating large bubbles that surface quickly and break, offering little value to the fish. Elevated PPM by FishLung, if untouched, will last for days. This “staying power” creates a stable, oxygen-rich environment for your catch. Obviously, the more fish you place in the livewell, the higher the demand on the water. This is why we recommend starting oxygenation first thing in the morning.

How do I know if it’s working properly?

When everything is hooked up and powered properly, open all 5 valves and power the system up. You will see a slow flow of small bubbles from the diffuser stone, indicating the system is working correctly. Don’t be alarmed by a low/slow flow; we are not a bubbler system, but an oxygen system, and this is normal.

Will the diffuser stones ever need cleaning?

Yes. Every few months, put enough water in your livewell to cover the stones, turn FishLung on, and clean the stones by wiping them in a circular motion with your fingers. This will remove any slime and debris.


What option should I order?

FishLung® is engineered to be installed in any type of boat.

Can I cancel my order?

We completely get it, we change our minds too! Once an order is placed, we are able to cancel it if it has not been shipped.


How do I install my FishLung® System?

Your FishLung® unit comes with easy to follow step by step installation instructions to guide you through the simple installation process. We have also put together a series of videos featuring our service team guiding you through the simple step by step process.

How can I find a dealer to install my FishLung®?

Your FishLung™ unit comes with easy to follow step by step installation instructions to guide you through the simple installation process. We have also put together a series of videos featuring our service team guiding you through the step by step process.

We will be building out our dealer network in the near future.

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

Our preferred shipment carrier is FedEx. You will see the FedEx option during checkout.

What is the shipping policy?

Once your FishLung™ order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns.

Do you ship overseas?

Not at the current time, but stay tuned for overseas shipping.

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