May 02, 2024

Over the last several years there have been tons of advancements in the fishing industry. This is true for rods, boats, baits and electronics. However, one thing that hasn’t progressed is our livewells. We’ve been using the same technology to keep fish alive since the dawn of our sport, with little to no advancements. It’s no secret that a healthy fish population is key to the sustainability and growth of bass fishing. Keeping fish alive should be our main concern as anglers. I’ve been extremely excited to test out the FishLung® Livewell Solution that does just that.


The FishLung® is a revolutionary livewell system that provides unmatched oxygen levels to your livewells. This system installs directly into your boat and provides fish with pure oxygen allowing them to survive in your livewells for extended periods of time. This system consists of a control box, filtration system, ceramic stones and tubing that all work together to provide highly concentrated usable oxygen to your fish. This system connects directly to your control panel allowing you to turn it on and off with ease. The system comes with detailed installation instructions which takes, on average, around three hours to fully install. Once the system is installed, it’s relatively maintenance free with the exception of changing your filters every six months.


One of the biggest reasons FishLung® is so effective is its oxygen filtration system. The system strips the nitrogen out of the air creating pure oxygen that’s then pumped into your tank. This oxygen is then administered through ceramic stones full of microscopic holes. This creates extremely small bubbles that suspend in your tank and disperse into the water. Doing this drastically increases the oxygen levels in your water as opposed to a standard aerator. The larger sized bubbles standard aerators produce quickly rise to the surface and pop, largely eliminating any positive effect it may have.

This is a huge advantage for both conservationists and competitive anglers alike. As we quickly approach the late spring and early summer, fish are at their weakest point in the spawning cycle. The majority of large females have finished spawning and are very susceptible to perishing once they’re in the livewell. Providing them with increased oxygen levels greatly increases their chances of survival and completely eliminates the need for ice. This livewell system isn’t meant to replace your current recirculate and aerator pumps, instead it’s recommended that you use it in conjunction with your current livewell features.


Along with easy installation and operation, this system doesn’t require any pressurized oxygen tanks. I’ve heard of numerous anglers using oxygen tanks in their boats to try and achieve the same results. While this may work momentarily, the cost of refilling these tanks is expensive and can quickly surpass the cost of a FishLung®. Furthermore, keeping pressurized tanks in your bass boat can be extremely dangerous. Any damage to these tanks can lead to an explosion resulting in injury and catastrophic damage to your vessel.


I’m an avid angler that fishes tournaments nearly every week, fish-care is something that’s extremely important to me. I have numerous close friends who recommended this product to me for a while now and I finally caved and got one around a month ago. Since then I’ve noticed a major difference in my fish health throughout the course of a tournament day. Just last week I fished a tournament on my home lake of Eufaula, Alabama.

This lake is located in lower Alabama where the majority of bass are post spawn, skinny and weak. We caught all of our fish out deep with water temperatures in the mid to low 80’s. All five of our fish were just as healthy at weigh in as they were when we caught them. This was a major difference from tournaments here in the past and I largely credit that to my FishLung®. I’ve fished upwards of five tournaments since installing my FishLung® and I’ve yet to have a dead fish. This machine doesn’t guarantee your fish survival in extreme circumstances; however it greatly increases their chances over the course of a tournament day.

If you’re an avid tournament fisherman or just a weekend warrior that cares about sustaining your local fishery, the FishLung® is a must-have in your boat. After witnessing the effects firsthand, I can confidently say that FishLung® will make a difference in the future of our sport. If you’re looking to take your fish-care to the next level, I recommend giving FishLung® a try.

Author: Sam Hanggi
Sam Hanggi spent four years competing on the Auburn University Bass Fishing Team and pursuing a degree in Pre-Law. He has fished competitively all over the country and will continue to fish competitively outside of Wired2fish. Sam’s favorite technique is throwing a big swimbait up shallow. Some of his favorite bodies of water are Saginaw Bay, St. Lawrence River, Clarks Hill and the James River. He has had numerous top ten and top five finishes throughout his college career and has a love for sharing his knowledge and passion for fishing with others.